Trial a Free Test Worth $200

Accountests developed the worlds only country-specific and annually updated suite of technical tests for accountants and bookkeepers.

We enable employers of accountants and bookkeepers to get an objective assessment of candidates before they hire them and reduce the expensive risks and emotionally draining experiences of hiring people unable to fulfill the requirements of the job.

We work with hundreds of CPA Accounting Practices, Bookkeepers, Private & Public Sector organizations, and would welcome working with you too.

Most of our clients started by out by trialing a test. They got to see what including an assessment of technical abilities did to improve their hiring success rates and their personal reputation as trusted talent acquisition professionals.

You can trial a test worth up to $200 for free. Submit the form and we'll get your personalized discount code to you within a day.

The purpose of trialing a test with Accountests is so that recruiters can be confident that the tests on offer will benefit their recruitment process. We are careful only to provide trial tests to those involved in hiring accountants. All we ask is some basic information in the form, including a verified employer email address. 

What our Clients Say

"the abilities being shown by the hired candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations".   Partner, BDO